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Cities - a game for a few (two or more) people, in which each party in turn calls the real city of any country whose name starts at the letter, which ends with the name of the previous party. In doing so, early named cities must not be used again. The first participant selects any city. During the game is forbidden to use reference materials. Formally, the game ends, when another party can not be called a new city, but because of the length and monotony of playing the game often ends with a draw. This program greatly enhances the game "Cities", giving it a totally new quality: Information: - Interactive search in Wikipedia. Language integration: - Base languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Greek, Finnish, Estonian, Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Russian, Czech, Polish, Korean, Turkish; - Allows you easily to view the text in another language; - Allows you to play in the language of choice, while viewing the information on any other. Grouping: - Belonging to certain groups of words allows you to specify customized settings the game. Be claimed for: - People are self-learners: to consolidate knowledge and learning in games; - Schools and organizations that provide services to tutors in the study of foreign languages: help to open its wards is another new way to study the subject; - For the general outlook of development, increasing educational levels and mental relaxation; - Just relax and rest from a busy day.

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